*Permaculture is “Permanent Culture”*

We do our best to live sustainably and create designs for sustainable living - including systems for energy, water, sanitation, food, money, etc.

All that we do follows 3 Ethics:

1 - Earth Care

2 - People Care

3 - Fair Share

*Join Permaculture Network in Malawi*

PNM flyer on membership fees and benefits, if you can’t pay, then join for free!

In the flyer you’ll find a link to fill out a google form to join. After you submit the form you will receive an email from googleforms with your own personal link to update your form when you have changes to make.


PNM uses fees to pay for the secretariat functions and membership in CISANET (PNM is a board member) and CISONECC. With additional funding we can do more together as PNM.

* Permaculture Network in Malawi stakeholder map*

A free, public map for those who wish to be added: https://kumu.io/PNM/organic-stakeholders-malawi It is also worth reading / watching some of the tutorials on Kumu.io to understand the map and how to use it.

*PNM Secretariat*

The secretariat is run virtually by volunteer PNM members.

- PermacultureNetworkMalawi@gmail.com (used by all secretariat volunteers)

- National Coordinator, Eston Mgala, World of Difference, +265(0)999-727-164

- Admin, Hastings Banda, Department of Environmental Affairs, +265(0)997-224-367

- Knowledge Management, Stacia Nordin, NeverEndingFood +265(0)999-333-073

*PNM Board of Trustees*

- Madalitso (Multi seeds)

- Owen (Sustainable Living Solutions)

- Josie (Butterfly & Malawi Schools Permaculture)

*PNM WhatsApp groups*

There is one national and several district PNM hub WhatsApp groups that include:

- Paid Members only

- Public with hubs in Karonga, Mzimba, Nkhata Bay, Kasungu, Dowa, Lilongwe, Salima, Mangochi, Blantyre, Zomba

*PNM Facebook page*


*PNM Facebook discussion group*


*PNM Instagram*



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You should include the funders of this, the pushers of the synthetic chemicals and seeds that are destroying our earth and people. Please provide balanced reporting on synthetic agriculture such as Genetic Engineering.

Please also include a lot of reports on agriculture that is good for our environment, people, and profits - AgroEcology. There are many terms used - you can report on organics, permaculture, regenerative, syntropic, and more. These are the solution to many of our problems.

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