Residents of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, tell journalist Winston Mwale about their daily struggle for water.
Communities in Salima district have bemoaned the water challenge as a major setback in the afforestation project which Kindle Orphan and Outreach is im…
Mphatso Mkumpha
“Africa is in the midst of a full-blown third wave. The sobering trajectory of surging cases should rouse everyone into urgent action."
Winston Mwale
“This gesture demonstrates ActionAid’s commitment to combatting Covid-19."
At least 20 Malawians living with albinism have been killed and over 50 of them abducted with the ritualistic beliefs that their body parts are a luck …
Richard Kayenda
Gloria Majiga-Kamoto, 30, is a program officer for the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy. Her work for the NGO has focused around climate ch…
Winston Mwale
DPP and UDF say the national budget is unrealistic and not fair to Malawians.
Fletcher Chiponda
Verily, verily I say unto the current leadership: the playing field is not level, but you are the hope of Malawians and so please, do not let them down!
Richard Kayenda
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