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This is a just the opposite of the direction we need to go. The biotech industry is loaded with synthetic chemicals, seed control, narrow genetic diversity, mono-cropping / mono-livestocking - all opposite of the Agroecology principles that are being encourages for saving our earth from the destructive path that it is on.

There are many organizations to talk with to include in your story to give a full picture of the issue, these three agroecology (AE) groups in Malawi are key:

1 - Permaculture Network in Malawi (is more than AE it is about designing for sustainable living)

2 - AE hub (not always organic)

3 - Malawi Organic Movement (Organic AE)

To join the groups, for the first two, fill the form below and you will be sent an email which allows you you to update your own information as needed in the future.

1 - PNM flyer membership fees and benefits (even if you aren’t joining as a member fill out the form for the database)


2 - Agroecology (AE) Hub


3 - For the Malawi Organic Movement there is no form. Join either PNM or AE and let them know you’d like to also join MOM, explaining what you do with organics to PNM

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