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Good people somewhere on the African continent have solved a problem that others on the continent still need to solve. As a result, solutions journalism arose. That is WHY you should subscribe to our newsletter: to learn what others are doing to solve their problems so you can draw some insights.

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What is AfricaBrief?

AfricaBrief primarily focuses on solutions journalism, which is defined as rigorous and compelling reporting about solutions to social problems by the Solutions Journalism Network.

Solutions journalism, also known as "hope with teeth" or "the whole story," enables our team to take an uplifting, positive approach to storytelling while maintaining the critical, in-depth reporting that distinguishes AfricaBrief.

While other journalists frequently define news as "what went wrong," solutions journalism seeks to broaden that definition by recognizing that solutions to problems are also newsworthy.

This is the kind of journalism that we at AfricaBrief believe has the potential to transform the African continent.

Explore our solution stories and projects in this newsletter to learn more about the concept, and please send us tips if you have any.

AfricaBrief also provides other editorial services, such as training.

Solution-oriented Journalism

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Meet the AfricaBrief team

Winston Mwale is AfricaBrief’s founder and Editor-in-Chief. A graduate of the London School of Journalism, Winston is an award-winning journalist and media trainer.

A veteran journalist, Winston has years of experience across east and southern Africa-- and beyond. He has racked up cross-continental bylines and regional awards on this journey. He specializes in investigative and solutions journalism.

He’s worked with Zodiak Broadcasting Station in Malawi, Africa Check as a freelance fact-checker, Spring24 TV of Zambia as a new contributor, Capitalk 100.4FM, Harare (Zimbabwe)'s premier talk radio station as a news contributor.

To date, Winston holds over five National Media Institute for Southern Africa-Malawi Chapter media awards, including the 2015 SADC Radio Journalist of the Year Award, and the 2018 and 2021 Southern African Media Award in Social Accountability Reporting.

Liana Bravo is a freelance data and investigative journalist, and she currently works as AfricaBrief’s Data Editor.

In 2020 and 2021, she worked as a researcher and data analyst at the University of Nottingham.

She holds a Master's in Data Journalism from Birmingham City University and a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Liana has seven years of experience as a reporter, working for several newspapers and TV outlets and publishing investigations in Spain and the UK.

She is passionate about human rights investigations and cross-border collaborative journalism.

Tiwonge Kampondeni is AfricaBrief’s Editor and is a focused communications strategist and qualified multimedia journalist with an extensive background in many facets of journalism: text, photo, audio, video with over 22 years of continuous media professional experience in different news outlets.

The professional experience and integrity as a journalist and communication expert, combined with theoretical knowledge in Mass Communication, Communication for Development, and her passion to tell stories is what has been her assert in this field of communication. 

A holder of an MA in Media Practice for Development and Social Change and a BSc in Mass Communication, Tiwonge has worked in busy Malawian newsrooms at The Daily Times and Malawi News as a reporter and has won several media awards.

She has also extensively contributed to international media and non-governmental organizations, and some of her works have been featured in The Irish Times and Self-Help Africa website.

Gloria Masanza-Kanyangwa is AfricaBrief’s Engagement Editor, and has vast experience in journalism, having worked for some of Malawi's top radio stations, including Zodiak Broadcasting Station.

Gloria also worked as Press Officer for the former president Peter Mutharika.

Interested in partnering with us?

If you’d like to contribute content to AfricaBrief, publish content from AfricaBrief, or if you’d like help establishing or growing a legitimate editorial operation, email us here.

Companies that partner with AfricaBrief must adhere to our editorial standards. These include:

o    Original and editorially-sound news content. Content on AfricaBrief is written and edited by real journalists, columnists or subject matter experts. Articles must be well-researched, well-sourced, well-edited and fact-checked. Content on AfricaBrief must be originally created by the author, and contain all appropriate attributions when using third-party data and quotes.

o    No marketing of products. The purpose of these articles isn’t to sell a particular service or item from the brand creating the article. That said, articles may include links to books written by the writers of articles or related content on the writer’s website. We may feature product review articles and links to those products on e-commerce sites (like Amazon), but the presence of those links cannot impact the editorial content of the article. The goal is to help establish writers and sites as objective authorities on different subjects, not to sell any particular item.

o    Objectivity. If AfricaBrief contributors can’t write about something objectively because it may conflict with business interests, then they won’t write about it. For example, the sales team can’t tell the editorial team what to write.

o    Conflicts. AfricaBrief is a real no-spin zone and all conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, must be declared. (The big news organizations do it, and so must all AfricaBrief contributors.)

o    No pay for play. No content on AfricaBrief can favour a particular brand (even the one that produced it) in exchange for any financial benefit. That means, if you’re reading a review of a particular item, the maker of that item didn’t pay someone in exchange for being included in the article.

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The AfricaBrief is registered in Malawi under Reg. # MBRS1185158


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Winston Mwale
AfricaBrief Editor-in-Chief & Publisher: I'm a story-teller: Telling stories is as old as human civilization-inspiring & motivating!
Richard Kayenda
I am a communication expert with interests in such news areas as politics, business, sports and many more. Besides reporting, I also write news analyses on current affairs just to share informed opinions on news that matter in Malawi and beyond.
Esther Banda
Proudly journalist, I enjoy A lot covering Politics and Entertainment. A radio presenter and a producer
Thokozani Beaton
I am a freelancing journalist. Studied at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ). Online reporter with editorial background. Thokozani is based in Blantyre , Malawi.
Peter Chilongo
Peter Chilongo is a professional journalist,web developer, multi media and social media specialist.
Oppressor Yeukai Chogurwei
Radio journalist Marketer Writer Proof reader / Copy Editor Advocacy work (Women , Youth Physically challenged)
Bridgette Mwanoka
Have been in the media industry since 2008, as much as i enjoy presenting various programs, I'm a News anchor, reporter, and currently head of news at Luntha Television...
Francis Botha
Communications specialist, photo and video journalist, educationist and therapist. I have keen interest in investigative tasks.
Journalist, Priscilla Mlenga is a Malawian media practitioner,communications student at Mzuzu University,Writer and photojournalist.
Fletcher Chiponda
I'm a practicing Journalist ,having experience in Media . In the past years I have worked with different media organizations such as the State Broadcaster MBC as intern ,Love Community Radio as Head of News and with Beyond FM as Presenter
Sumeya Issa
Published Writer and Freelance Journalist from Malawi, with a passion for change.
Josephine Chinele
Multi-award winning local and international journalist.
Brino Kayanga Mwale
Am a Malawian Journalist and Videographer
Slyvia Laisan
Jenipher Asiimwe
CAPOOP 2020 media fellow and a passionate climate change,environment,gender,water,sanitation and hygiene journalist at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.
Wongani Oliver Mkonkholo
Journalist, Article writer, Liaison officer.
Henderson Piringu
Program producer, journalist who is passionate about agriculture, climate change & environment, energy as well as technology & innovation.
Naome Chisala
I am an avid writer specialising in solution journalism and social issues and giving a voice to the voiceless.
Mathews Malata Jr
A Malawi-based environmental and disaster risk reduction journalist. Mathews is a LEAD Fellow, President of the Malawi Association of Environmental Journalists and a senior executive at the Disaster Risk Reduction Network of African Journalists.
Noel Mkwaila
Noel Mkwaila is Malawi's passionate upcoming journalist who strives at reporting on stories that matter across the country. He mostly reports on current trends, inclusive articles as specialized in Agriculture, Mining, politics and Adventures.
Victor Musongole
I'm Victor Musongole a Journalist by profession, an awardee of FDH BANK CUP Best Community Radio Reporter 2022, currently working with Tigabane Radio , based in Mzuzu.
collins mtika
Collins is a Malawian Investigative Journalist and founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism in Malawi (CIJM) – www.investigative-malawi.org.
Stella Nyirongo
Is a Malawian broadcaster and reporter
Onneile Setlalekgosi
Result orientated Journalist. News Junkie from Botswana.
Lesiba Francis Machaka is a journalist, photographer, and social activist. He lives with disability, limb length discrepancy. He has been in the media industry for more than 6 years.
Steven Kefas
Steven Kefas is a Nigerian born Citizen journalist, a human rights Defender and a former political prisoner for 162 days
Patrick Aloizio Siwande
I aspire to inspire the masses through writing about issues that affect them mostly in the sectors of education and agriculture.
Lusungu Chibambo
Determined to success
Raphael Mweninguwe
A freelance journalist based in Lilongwe, Malawi. An international award winning journalist with six media awards to his credit which include the UN, World Bank, Siemens, SADC and SADC Gender Media Awards.
Morris Mpala
A micro-financier, business analyst , cultural enthusiast and a treasury expert from years in banking industry .
Liana Bravo
Investigative data journalist & writer.
Lameck kings Kawere
As some people have Reggie in their veins, I have journalism in my veins. I was born to be a journalist.
Davious Mgandali Chitembeya
Nutritionist/ activist / implementer/ Malawian
Natasha Zie Mhone
A freelance writer and a book worm.
Alfred Kanjoka
I am a social and developmental conscience with passion in investigative journalism. Take public officers to account for their actions is my responsibility.
Fabiano Kanyang'wa
Malawian journalist interested in feature writing, politics and economy
Albert Sharra
Albert is an academician and multi-award winning journalist with over 10 years newsroom experience.
Carolyne Kam'bona
Carolyne Kam'bona is a Professional Journalist and English Teacher.
Alex Agbo
A compelling story teller, Agbo is a writer and researcher in the field of human and national development.
Khosa Jk Chambalo
A master ebook creator on Amazon, A published short story writer, A published proverbs writer on BBC news Africa
Nyenyezi Taleka Makunje
Passionate humanitarian advocate.
Patrick Mpinganjira
I am a Malawian married man who has a passion for writing about anything. I possess a bachelor's degree in Education Language obtained from Chancellor College.
Constance Thawale
I am a professional English tutor (ESL). I have 5 years experience in editing, transcribing, research and freelance writing. I love to write and it is more of a hobby than work. I am enthusiastic, self-motivated professional writer.
Grace Chunga
A professional journalist with good experience in writing, editing and plan for research. Self–motivated with good communication and public speaking skills. Helper in many facets of human development.
Zione Kamtambe
I am a researcher, writer, and entrepreneur. Currently, I am working as the CEO of 21stC Business Solutions. My interests lie in human development and entrepreneurship. I love using written words to inspire others to achieve their dreams.
James Mkandawire
Am a hard worker and result-oriented person who is willing to learn something new everyday, and am willing to learn alot from this project.
Tiyamike Kambalame
sound engineering at Capital entertainment, Reporter and News writer at Radio Bembeke FM, l live in Lilongwe
Towera Gift Mughogho
A creative writer, Content editor and Volunteer.
Backston Namwendo
A passionate writer
Iam awriter and also actress ,,, I started writing short stories since 2018 concerning problems which agirl child always faces in life
Steve Mpita
A Social Development Practitioner and Writer who believes in the pen as development's true ally when what works in real world is investigated and it's evidence scrutinised and shared.
Benson Banda
An artist blessed with a creative mind
Chikondi Shawa
I am a media practitioner with a hand that is efficient in news writing/reporting. Everyone can write but writing for the ear is what gave me a space in this lane.
victoria Pwele
Am Young lady with Bachelor's degree in education, majoring in English language and minor English literature. Am passionate in reading and writing not just a hobby but a practice
Sibusisiwe Shaba
A motivational blogger, passionate about creating content that inspires and uplifts others.
Thomas P Mtonga
Am a man aged 19, since my childhood writing has been my hobby.
Hardworking, writer, political analyst, law student.
Anthony manda
A media personality who believes that every story has two sides so its good always to balance up the story because fake news is big now days in the field of Social Media Journalism. Am a business man who is in a security services company business
Conestar Potifala
I'm an up and coming writer interested in development, with a bias in agriculture and natural resources
McDonald Kathewera
Am a young man who believes in hardworking and team work. A better community is possible if we join hands
Steven Nkhoma
Ambitious young journalist with interest in politics and governance reporting. Also passionate about health reporting
I have A degree in Social Work and Imagine what we can do if we all come together.
Bernard Felix Katiniche
Bernard is a passionate writer, poet and an accomplished author, among others he is a seasoned historian focusing on Malawi political history and research, he is also a member of The Lost History Foundation.
Chifundo Mazengera
Writer/ Business and Media developer Why? To help complete the narrative, so that we can all play our part in creating a better world.
Tendai Sahondo
I am a development journalist with interests in humanitarian interventions at community and national level. I am based in Zimbabwe
Booker Matemvu
A Development Economist and socio-economic commentator and promoter of culture.
Meclina Chirwa
My name is Meclina Chirwa, 33 years old, a health journalist and very passionate with my work, eager and ready to contribute.
Yankho Maunjiri
Young passionate journalist
Alois Vinga
Alois Vinga is a Zimbabwean journalist
Jelium Kamphandira
A journalist working with Yetu Community radio at Dzaleka refugee camp in Dowa as a Station Manager, holds a degree in journalism and masscommunucation from Pentecostal life University and enjoys reporting about minority groups.
Moses Nyirenda
news writer|Photojournalist|media consultant
Winston Mwale
Editor-in-Chief, Winston Mwale is a professional journalist and social media marketing specialist.
Tionge Esther Hara
Am Tionge Esther Hara a Journalist by profession,,an Awardee, Best business and economics journalist of the year 2022,based in Mzuzu..I do like writing investigative stories and also feature stories.
Gloria Masanza-Kanyang'wa
Journalist; passionate about all things current.
Comfort Bulangete
I am a Reporter , studied Journalism and Media studies at ABMA a UK based Board of examiners based at Soche Technical College in the City of Blantyre, I am a hard-working Malawian Man.
Taonga Botolo
Taonga Botolo is a trained Media Practitioner, Communication Expert and Public Relations Specialist. He has vast experience in newsroom and corporate affairs.
Patricia Ngwale
A Media and Communications specialist, interested in gender, agriculture and natural resources. I am currently pursuing an MSc in Gender and Development at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR).
Fallesy chizombe
Passionate in writing and exploring issues to do with public interest
Jeff Kelly Lowenstein
I am the founder and executive director of the Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ).
Tiwonge Kampondeni
Communications expert (media lecturer, public relations, film, and documentary making)
Titan Khonyongwa
Voice artist and passionate writer with nose for news, keenness to detail and high level of objectivism
Mphatso Mkumpha
I am a practicing journalist with passion to write political and developmental stories and currently working with a Community Chisomo Radio Station in Malawi.
Fletcher Simwaka-Chikwengwe
A communication specialist with inclination towards political and social issues.
Fegson Kondwani Phabuli
I'm a journalist by profession| For news coverage or any other business: fegsonk@gmail.com
Justin Mthawanji
Justin Mthawanji is a Malawian Educator, Researcher and Writer
Michael Gwarisa
Michael is the founding Editor of Healthimes, Zimbabwe's leading Online Health news publication
Happy Mzembe Chabuka
Radio Presenter, Producer, Journalist at Zodiak Broadcasting Station in Malawi.
Peter Madalitso Ngwenyama
i am peter madalitso ngwenyama holding Advance journalism and am ready to deliver the best of my knowledge
Jacqueline S. Jijide
A journalist, motivational speaker, and preacher. Passionate about being the voice of the voiceless and giving hope to the hopeless, by sharing the things one could manage. Little is much when God is in it.
Wezzie Mwangonde
A journalist based in the northern part of Malawi working with Tuntufye FM radio Station
Madalitso kantembe
Am a young aged 24,a graduate of a diploma in journalism with media experience from MIJ fm and mibawa television, excellent in radio presenting and news writing.
Given Chichitike
Communication for Development specialist with experience in Planning, Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation of Social and Behaviour Change projects.
Tadala Kaledzera
Multi- award winning story teller; goes where the story is.
Have been writing since 2006, Once a journalist always a journalist, that is why am with the AfricaBrief Team. So that my passion in writing does not fade away.
Kondwani Nyamasauka
Kondwani Nyamasauka is Malawian Writer, News Anchor, Broadcaster, Journalist, Secondary school teacher ( 4 years experience).
Frackson Maotcha
Frackson has a strong passion in news and current affairs. His areas of interest include sports, business and politics.
Chinsisi Tabithar Phiri
A lady age 21.Born on 8th March 2000
Juliet Makwama
Juliet Makwama is an African journalist based in Lusaka, Zambia. She has over eight years practice in both print and electronic media. Areas of interest in her work are environment and climate change, health and business, human rights and gender.
Dyson Kamwana
A freelance journalist with much focus in social and accountability, climate change, and agriculture reporting.
Limbani Sangwani ALIFONSO
He is proficient in writing news for ear and eye,scientific news feature writing,research He is organised and adept to time management
Naledi Tseladikae
I am a writer interested in African and international news. I also write on business news and lifestyle.
A malawian young journalist- who loves Investigating and writing stories of national importance.
Martha Mwale
Nurse Midwife and a third year gender student. I am a social entrepreneur. The vice president of Bunda Peer Educators Club and the treasurer
Uchindami M Galimoto
Journalist. Product of Malawi Institute Of Journalism
Bright Msowoya
A primary school teacher, an ODL student at LUANAR, a script writer and an author.
Lameck Kayira
Lameck Kayira is a Community Development enthusiastic person, Sociologist, Professional Counsellor, trained Reporter, Currently, working in the development and humanitarian arena where story writing is part of the game.
Takondwa Bhunu
Malawian journalist and writer serving the masses with credible news and engaging stories.
Ellestina Chimangeni
I'm a journalist interested in Agriculture and politics
Innocent Yassin
Communications Expert and Entrepreneur
Lumbani Kaunda
Lumbani Kaunda is a seasoned professional experience Journalist who is mainly focused on human Rights, environmental and disability reporting. Lumbani believes that journalism is beyond reporting but also a solutions provider.
Pauline kachimanga
Am currently living in lilongwe pursuing public health , l know many things that concerns gender , pandemics, child protection, and mental health .I also love writing and reading novels
Fahad Francis Braim
I am a married man aged 23. I obtained my MSCE at thuchila in 2015 academic year. Am coming from Mulanje district but currently now am in chikwawa district.
Eunice Malibase Kumwenda
I am an English, Communication and Leadership Instructor. I have experience in editing, translation, transcription ​and writing. Writing is not just a hobby, but also a way to let out my inner thoughts and ideas.
Frank Mussa
I am a Malawian man aged 28 and and unmarried. Academically, I am a holder of Bachelor's Degree of Social Sciences. Currently, i am working in G2G project at Zomba District Council.
Zaki Kapiri
I am a Media for Development scholar having attained a degree of Bachelor of Arts (Media for Development) from chancellor college, University of Malawi.
Royal Kasiya
An Excellent Communicator and Motivator Embodied With Leadership Skills and Team Spirit. Well Disciplined, Hardworking and Capable Person With a Lot Of Enthusiasm.
Luke Destiny Manja
I am creative writer who has been writing since 2013. I have written for radio, TV, print as well as blogs.
Atupele Chikhadwe
I am a holder of Bachelor's Degree in Media for Development and I also have a certificate in computer . I am a communication officer at MANA, who is so passionate about writing short stories, news stories, capturing pictures and feature article.
Nancie Maziko kawale
I'm a writer, self employed, page author on the purple article Facebook page, a third year student at Pentecostal life university studying procurement and supply management
Nelliet Kachinjika
I'm Nelliet kachinjika from Lilongwe Malawi, a bachelors degree holder in media for development. I have knowledge in research and proposal writing, script writing, press release writing, good at advocating and community mobilization.
Malumbo Chinula
Bachelor of Business Administration , major in international Business Management. Huge interest in Writing (Short stories, Poems & Script)
Gerald Viola
I am a PR expert, communication specialist, public and events manager, a lecturer and a manager .
Mphatso Steven Emmanuel
I am a boy dedicated in writing as well as finding and clarifying new information for the better change of the society
Jimmy Nyondo
I am an enthusiastic person , an experienced writer in self motivated articles. Am 25 years old, a holder of a degree in Public health, Am single and currently based in Zomba.
Aubrey kausiwa
I am Aubrey kausiwa aged 22 from Lilongwe, and a student at Malawi Institute of Journalism
Sangwani Chibaka
Writer, storyteller, cinephile, Malawian. Give me a copper coin and you will hear a golden tale.
Emmanuel Kaison
A Malawian award-winning writer, I am quite fascinated about writing fiction on various issues affecting the world.
Lyton Atanazio Wiseman
Am honest, hard-working, team player, result oriented, fast learner and God fearing man
Sezario V.H Zulu
I am Male born in a family of 5. I believe in change.
Lisa Banda
An advocate that is very passionate about climate change and gender. Writing is my way of telling the story as it is; and sharing the experience to stir the change that we need in my country and beyond
Chimwemwe khumula
Love reading and writing, open minded to new things, good interpersonal skills, sociable, charmable
Bertha Chirwa
an experienced journalist specialized in news writing, editing and anchoring.
Charles Mbewe
I am an avid reader and have a good masterly of the English language. I am confident that I can contribute useful articles to AfricaBrief.
Khutcha Diaries
Culture, Entertainment, Sports, News and Current Affairs
Alex Henry Sakala
Journalist/Marketer/Sports Administrator
Wallace Mawire
I am Wallace Mawire and l am a development journalist based in Zimbabwe.
Wilson Damien Asibu
Research writer with EQUINET and Chairperson of Access to Medicine Campaign in PHM. SeriesWriterfor African Medicine Agency. Has written Briefs, Summaries, Commentaries at World Health Assembly (EB) Meetings.
Mphatso Baudeni
Born in 1993
Chisomo Mpaso
Salima-based journalist who is-self oriented and-goal getter.
Am young Malawian man, single holding certificate of journalism as a reporter and presenter.