We Wuz Robbed

"I can't sleep: this cabinet is too traumatizing..."

No sooner had the new Tonse government cabinet was leaked, than most Malawians went up in arms against it.

We scoured the social media to get a glance on what people are saying on the new cabinet. Generally, people feel cheated! We wuz robbed, they say.

Take a read:

Mphatso C. M. Chidothe

I can't sleep this cabinet is too traumatizing... I totally believe God is in control and he works of good for those who love him and called to his purpose.

Idriss Ali Nassah

Considering the high of the inauguration speech and, even, today's press statement, this sure feels like an anti-climax.

It's clear from the push back so far that two families in the cabinet are not a popular move and could have been avoided. Worse still that the Kandodos are both on the full portfolio. If it was necessary to have both, maybe put one as deputy minister, at least.

The Secretary Generals of Tonse are both in, Patricia Kaliati and my brother Eisenhower Mkaka, and that is a concern. These are CEOs of the party and are supposed to remain as such. If it is a matter of benefits and remuneration, the parties are supposed to grow their revenue base to provide them with packages similar if not higher to those of ministers. There are full-time CEOs and I don't think giving them ministerial positions is ideal.

That said, let's all get to work and keep the ministers on their toes for the delivery of a Malawi that works for all.

Èmily Mķamanga

Iñdeed this cabìnet makes one sick especially on the same families having the lion's share  Do they have special wisdom for the cabinet? If we are back to appeasement things will soon fall apaŕt.

Laurene Khuthe It is as if these appointments were done under duress. Completely the opposite of wat they have been saying. We shouldn't allow this nonsense again to take root. "NGATI AKUFUNA AONE NYEKHWE AT A DIFFERENT LEVEL AIONA" if they want our jubilation to continue they better resolve this matter immediately. NO MORE PLAYING US FOOLS 

Lectio Divina One thing I have taken account of and reckoned is that Malawians no longer clap hands for nonsense. We now voice out where we feel infringed. Truth is that we hate family politics.

Chikumbutso Kambuzuma Banda It seems every one loses his brain when he gets to the statehouse.

Atsogo Mathews Kapanda The issue is not about performance. The country is divided and needs healing from nepotism and regionalism and awa akwathu and all sorts of or kickbacks. Equity with merit was possibly a remedy for this. We hated DPP for the same and lero fisanene kuti 'as long they perform' just because of its UTMCP. The fact that other regions voted overwhelmingly against these tendencies should remind the leaders the need to consider equity. Let’s call a spade a spade. Malawi needs healing.

Grace Mwewa Those who are failing to heal over this issue please don't hesitate to contact me I have itsanana herbal just one tablet sukumachedwa kuchila otherwise let's not lose people again over stress and depression over this kuli kale covid zikomo.

Meanwhile, HRDC National Coordinator Luke Tembo says people are not comfortable with the appointing of family members and more people from one region.

Speaking during an HRDC presser in Lilongwe, Tembo said what has been served to the public is not what people expected, basing on Tonse Alliance’s campaign manifesto.

What are your thoughts?