Uncle Harvest asks: "For whose benefit ?"

One thing is very clear: somebody at either City Council or Roads Authority is not doing his or her job right.

The road branching off from the Lilongwe-Mchinji road just a few metres from the roundabout , past Crossroads, then branching off into Mthunthama Drive to 5 metres past the State Lodge Main Gate has had its middle white line and outer orange lines re-painted.

These lines are never meant for decorations but to demarcate the road. This assists with guiding road users and therefore promoting safety.

This however does not seem to be the purpose for the work that has been undertaken. If it were, the re-painting would have gone on past the telecommunications facility to meet the M1 road at Maula and past Mthunthama Lodge Main Gate to Likuni roundabout.

The portions that have been left out are in need of the painting of the demarcation lines as they long faded to the endangerment of road users.

The job has been done in such a rush that the one who was doing it did not mind that the line marking equipment was leaking, spilling paint leaving unsightly spots on the white line.

One thing is very clear: somebody at either City Council or Roads Authority is not doing his or her job right.

Politicians have been blamed much for the state of development of this country.

You wonder whether isn't this time that technical people and public servants must be squarely blamed for this mediocre performance.

Public servants do not have the best interest of this country.

We have blamed UDF, PP, DPP and now Tonse Alliance for some sins committed by public servants, their gross negligence. It is time to call you out.

I would like to repeat what I have said some place else; what is not good enough for SADC guests to see is not good enough for Malawians too.

Maintain this infrastructure for the residents of this country not just SADC guests.

Malawians attend conferences in other SADC countries and would visit areas of the cities beyond what those countries had designated visitors to get to.

What makes us think the SADC visitors will not visit some of the areas of the Lilongwe City that we have not cleaned. They already have. It's only the VVIPs that you can restrict.

As for the demarcation that stops a few metres from State Lodge gate, who told you that the guests who will use that road up to that gate will not see that the road ahead has no lines demarcated.

I pray for mindset change.