By Emmie Banda, MEC Stringer

As one way of fighting job scarcity among youths in the country, Speaker of the national assembly who is also the deputy director of Malawi Congress Party honorable Catherine Gotani Hara has urged youths in Mchinji to go and vote in large numbers.

Speaking during a whistle stop tour in Mchinji, Hara said youths should vote for Tonse Alliance so that they can have the one million jobs which the Alliance is promising them.

In her speech, she said once people vote for the alliance youths will be given the one million jobs that will help to fight poverty in the country.

“many youths in the country have nothing to do and they engage themselves in evil things, but once they vote for Tonse Alliance they will have something to do for themselves since others will be given loans to start business while others will be employed,’’ said Hara.

She further said if people vote for Dr Chakwera they will have equal treatment when they go to hospital which is not the case with the current government where people get fair treatment whenever they have a relative at the health centers.

“People are having problems accessing health services, if they do not have relatives at hospital they have problems accessing the services, but once they vote for Tonse Alliance leader Dr Lazarus Chakwera things will change,” said Hara.

She further advised the people to go and vote even if they lose their voters certificate saying if they voted in 2019 or they did not vote their names are still in the voters role and they will vote on the 23rd of June this year.

“I know some people have lost they voter identity cards while others have been robbed by the people in the name of giving them loans but don’t worry just go to the polling centers where you registered your names you will vote and once those people give you money just receive because they are your taxes”, said added.

On the issue of cheap fertilizer, the speaker of the national assembly said people will be buying a 50 kilogram bag at K4, 495 and everyone will be having enough food to eat and sell.

Conquering to what she said Chief Robert said he is grateful for the initiative but warned them against smugglers who will be selling the cheap fertilizers abroad.

“Am grateful with the cheap fertilizer program, but once you take government try your best to protect the fertilizer since others will be smuggling the fertilizers to nearby countries instead of benefitting Malawians,” said Chief Robert.

Gotani spoke to people at Nkhwazi, Misale, Tembwe, Kamwendo, Matutu and Mchinji Boma before having a rally at Mkanda.

Malawi is expected to have flesh presidential polls after constitutional court nullified the 21st May 2019 presidential election.