Project April Donates to Orphanage

In the wake of fighting against Covid 19 a non governmental organisation called A project April donated hygeine utensils at Adziwa Orphanage home in Kauma.

Project April's country manager Roy View Banda says "We thought it better to help orphanages in fighting against Covid 19 in this manner for our project is there to help and build a better Malawi."

"In the past we used to hold musical shows and we were using music as a to to send our messages. We used to host an annual musical competition called project april which was happening every April. But now our approach has changed as we are mostly focusing on charity work by visiting hospitals, orphanages, home cares and donate different items so this year we are donating to various orphanages this month (April) and our main focus with the coronavirus pandemic we are focusing on promoting hygiene in such places,” Banda explains.

"Our initial objective is to fight for girlchild, fight child abuse, HIV/Aids, and home based violence. We also do charity work by donating to underprivileged...and we also promote education and we work towards poverty eradication."

"Due to transport limitations we have only focused on Lilongwe for we source funds for ourselves. Currently we do not have sponsors, the donations will be done the whole month of April on different dates. But if we get funding we might go to other regions too."

On his part, Adziwa's Programme Manager Joseph Chirwa said, "We are greatful to Project Aprils donations as we had no sanitizer and a few bars of soap but their coming has really helped us to have soap and sanitizer which we are now using."

Adziwa was founded by Capital City Baptist Church but in 2012 was registered as a community-based organization (CBO). It has about 500 children, 300 orphans and 200 biological children of caregivers.

"The children were very happy and we have set up hand washing centers where children come and wash hands," Chirwa explains.

The organisation started in 2012 it was found by Timoteo Malaidza and they have managed to promote girl child rights through their various programs, they have donated to many orphanages in Malawi, as well as promoted awareness on various issues that affect our societies in the country, they have also helped some students with school fees.