Please, DJs, don't be segregative: Real Track Pad

Up-coming Malawian artist, Real Track Pad, has appealed to DJs in the country not to be segregative when executing their duties.

Up-coming Malawian artist and one day hit maker, Real Track Pad, has appealed to DJs in the country not to be segregative when executing their duties.

Real Track Pad, a Lilongwe-based artist, whose real name is Evance Frank, says the music industry in the country is not developing because of segregation that the DJs and presenters allegedly show to the artists.

"Our industry could be very far ahead if we had DJs and presenters who supported upcoming artists. It is such a great depression to artist when they submit a song to radio and TV stations but only to see their music spending months, even a year without being played while other musicians’ songs are repeated, time after time," Track Pad bemoaned.

However, he applauded other broadcasters who give airtime to all type of artists, irrespective of their status.

"Despite that upcoming artists are crying foul that their music is not enjoying air play, some other radio stations give room to all kind of artists. For example, my music has been played in both main stream and community radios such as Zodiak, Mibawa TV,Tinveni, Umunthu FM, and Dziko FM. I don't take the opportunity given to me for granted, but other media houses should emulate this good gesture, and be the advocates and promoters of upcoming artists,"he said.

On piracy, the musician said the arts industry in Malawi is also not developing because people are just sharing music on WhatsApp and websites which makes artists fail to make any profit after releasing their songs.

"Of course, it is a calling, but producing a song requires enegy and money. We are, therefore, asking fellow citizens to support artists with any little they can afford,"he said.

Real Track Pad has been in the music industry for over 5 years and expects to produce a mixtape which will include his love hit called “Day One”.

He also says he is planning to come up with an album in the near future.


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