Onjezani Kenani in Drive to Raise Covid-19 Funds: "As the government does its part, you and I can chime in and do ours."

Onjezani Kenani writes, "As the government does its part, you and I can chime in and do ours."

Friends, I prefer action. We can be pointing out things our government is not doing right, but the fact is that the people are suffering out there and some are dying.

As the government does its part, you and I can chime in and do ours.

I am calling for donations so that we can buy oxygen pressure regulators - they enable oxygen cylinders to deliver oxygen to patients.

New ones can cost 200 pounds sterling (GBP), but I have seen some on eBay that cost GBP30. A friend in the UK bought some of these for a district hospital in Malawi, and they're working just fine.

The problem is that there is NO supplier for these in the region. They are probably the most durable among the different regulators out there.

We Malawians have always beautifully come together at such times to do our part. The government is trying its best, but you and I can also make a difference.

I am calling for donations to my bank account. I will - as I have always done - account for every single tambala. I am starting the ball rolling by donating $140 (K100,000). If all of us can do our part, we could make a difference.

My National Bank account is 1855988, Stanley O. Kenani, Lilongwe branch, SWIFT code: NBMAMWMW. Please drop me a message when you have donated, or send me an email at stanleykenani@yahoo.com. My Paypal account is also stanleykenani@yahoo.com. Airtel Money: 0999306684. TNM Mpamba: 0888301039.

Those who want to send to my Swiss or US bank accounts, please get in touch via inbox.

We cannot just watch the house burning and shout instructions at firefighters, save this, save that, no. Let us run into the fire and save what we can.

Friends in Malawi and the diaspora, let's do this.

We will donate these supplies to the Queen Elizabeth Central, Zomba Central, Kamuzu Central, and the Mzuzu Central Hospitals.