Of Speculators, Doubters and Prophets of Doom

Lazarus Chakwera and his running mate Saulos Chilima were sworn in yesterday following their triumph in the just ended fresh presidential election.

The duo has barely started discharging their duties, but some Malawians have already started speculating and prophesizing how they are doomed to fail.

These Thomases of Didimus have a lot of theories and a hoard of what they call solid data that they are basing their analysis.

Some argue that President Chakwera and Vice President Chilima are power hungry, egoistic men who will fight for supremacy at the expense of poor Malawians.

Others are arguing that the UTMCP alliance can be characterised to the relationship of a man that pets a python which will one day swallow him for supper or breakfast.

They further postulates that having this in mind, Chilima will try to fight for the continuity in existence if his party which will somehow lead to cracks in the Tonse Alliance and the presidency.

A thousand more have argued that the new government will fail to fulfil what they promised for the simple reason that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a government to deliver what it promised.

Funny part is that all these speculators, Thomas of Didimus and Jeremiahs lack solid authority to base their arguments save for the fact that the past governments have failed.

Fallacy of overgeneralization at its epitome.

On the other note, these sentiments demonstrate how we, Malawians, have sunk so low that we have accepted failure of the government to deliver as the norm that we are always trying to find an excuse for them as to why and how they will fail.

We are a pathetic lot.

We should try to give the Chakwera presidency some room for them to try their magic not some gloom and doom prophecy as we have started.

Give them an inch and see if they will take a mile. Our role should be to be vigilant, hold them accountable and stand up against them when they are going astray.