Nkhotakota DHO applauds FOCCAD for continued support on Covid 19

"I'm urging all people living in Nkhotakota to go and receive the Covid 19 vaccine," DHO

Nkhotakota District Health Office has commended the district's based NGO, Foundation for Community and Capacity Development (FOCCAD) for continued support on the dissemination of the messages related to Covid 19.

Speaking on Wednesday during an interface meeting with different stakeholders as the organization is phasing out the project called Tikambe za Covid 19, Limbani Luwe who represented Nkhotakota DHO said that the effort that the organization has put in has greatly contributed to fighting against the pandemic.

He then said there is still more that needs to be done to completely combat the further spread of the virus, he then urged all people to take the Covid vaccine and continue adhering to all preventive measures.

"I'm urging all people living in Nkhotakota to go and receive Covid 19 vaccine, we have two types of the vaccine in stock and that people should encourage each other when someone receives a jab stands a big chance of not been hospitalized upon being attacked by Covid 19 because the jab is like preparing the antibodies to fight against the virus," he said

Luwe also refuted that the hospital has been turning back people who do not have National IDs. He said what they need is only proof of the village and area the one is coming from.

But speaking after being asked if the project has achieved its intended purpose, Foccad's Programs Manager Mtambuzeni Zidana urged people imparted with the knowledge to continue working to help to fight the virus.

"Despite that, we have achieved most of our objectives, there are still some gaps which as we are phasing out would still expect those people imparted with the knowledge to continue working so as to address those gaps which are there," Zidana said

The project with support from US Embassy has been implemented for a year and it was targeting people from different background such as business people, Kabaza operators, drivers, and sex workers.


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