Malawians Hail Chakwera's Rabble- Rousing Inauguration Speech

“I'm break dancing! What an inaugural speech! You nailed it,"Veteran journalist Baldwin Chiyamwaka

No speech of a Malawian president has ever received such a round of applause as that made today by President Lazarus Chakwera during his inauguration ceremony at Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe.

So moving was the speech that the social media is awash with positive comments from a cross section of people, including those from the opposition.

Journalist Idriss Ali Nassah seems to have summed it up the rabble- rousing speech, “Presidential speeches are not supposed to be orgasmic, but that damn near was. Good Lord, this sure feels good!”

DPP diehard, Dickson Kashoti, had to take a deep breath and heap praises to the speech, “Whoever is the speech writer for president Dr Lazarus Chakwera needs a pat on the back. Very impressive speech during the inauguration, with wonderful well chosen poetic words to attract attention. Dr. Chakwera's American accent just spiced it all.”

On his part, veteran journalist Baldwin Chiyamwaka had this to say, “I'm break dancing! What an inaugural speech! You nailed it Your Excellency. Malawi is in good and godly hands.”

An avid follower of politics in Malawi, Nabanda Sarai says, “It's indeed the birth of the 3rd Republic! Beautiful inaugural ceremony! Mind-blowing inaugural speech by the 6th President of the Republic of Malawi! We are moving forward together! Overwhelmed with joy!”

Social media influencer and writer Onjezani Kenani says, “We now have a president, folks. These words cut straight to my hear.”

Award-winning and prolific journalist Golden Matonga says, “Chakwera's speech was brilliant. But we must now hold him to account for his every word. If he delivers, this country will never be the same. If he fails, we will let him know what a waste this beautiful speech was.”

Social media influencer Chimwemwe John-Paul Manyozo is equally touched by the speech, “That speech was so inspiring. I heard it. I felt it. After that speech you can't help but go back to the field and start working. Good food for the hardworking person.”