"I hated Martse for not liking my music"—Beanca

The reply irritated her and eventually hated Martse for what she believed to be arrogance and hostility, writes Ten May, entertainment writer.

Perhaps, an everlasting friendship happens between two people that once had a long-term animosity about each other and there's always something special to bond them forever.

Dancehall queen, Beanca expresses her bitter feelings for Martse who once turned down collaboration and said "I don't like your music."

The reply irritated her and eventually hated Martse for what she believed to be arrogance and hostility.

Beanca longed for a collab with Martse during her upcoming days.

She calls him "a serial hit-maker" and knew that a collab would have gotten her the hype she wanted back in 2015, only to be withsaid of how bad her music was.

"I first met Martse at the UMP annual awards of 2015 where I asked him for a collaboration, he looked at me and said 'I don't like your music, I like your energy anyway'. This pissed me off and I hastily hated him,” says Beanca.

"He later made fun of it every time we met and mock me not to get mad over what he said only because he was honest with his feelings," she added.

Beanca admits that she was surrounded by people who already said her music is good and for such a gesture coming from an artist she looked up to, felt crazy.

She later accepted that Martse was only expressing the truth of what he felt about her music.

She also says it helped her to improve where necessary.

"I felt bitter when Martse denied doing music together but his remark made me put much work on my performance, and since then I felt it was okay to be damned for bad work," confessed the Dancehall Queen.

They say "music brings people together" and this is the case with Beanca and Martse who are now proud friends.

After everything, Beanca occasionally met Martse and became friends.

She says that Martse has introduced her to other good friends in music such as the likes of AK, Charisma, Henwood, Kell Kay, and a lot.

Beanca describes the friendship with Martse as 'very close'.

She says they have become a brother and a sister so much that they prefer not eating at their homes and go for lunch together.

The friendship has been smooth for a couple of years and he sees Martse as a caring and friendly soul.

This year, it is then the two decide to work on a song together, and surprisingly, it has taken 5 years for Beanca to create music with her favorite Malawian rapper.

Beanca announced that she will be releasing the song tomorrow on Friday after taking a hiatus from making music.

She believes this song is a great comeback to reclaim the dancehall throne.