How I Became a WhatsApp News Publisher

So, hey am now a happy WhatsApp news publisher!

Now and then, I post latest news as my WhatsApp statuses.

And from the look of things, people are always eagerly waiting for these news updates. On average, one status gets seen/read by over 300 people.

Then boom! An idea came up: why not start sharing these news updates with my contacts? Essentially, turn all my contacts into subscribers.

When I checked out at the total number of my phone contacts...I got surprised: 13,000+!

Then I realized that WhatsApp, in fact, is also instrumental in providing innovative mobile-led solutions for clients in the publishing domain through broadcasts.

So, I created broadcast lists, linked them with some versatile App that blasts all the news to my contacts/subscribers simultaneously. I have also added some groups(with the permission of admins) on the broadcast list, to increase the number of subscribers!

I don't need to post these news alerts, one by one! No!

Technology does it for me!

So, hey am now a happy WhatsApp news publisher!

And, many thanks to you all my contacts/subscribers for trusting me! 

Actually, one contact/subscriber said she allows me to bombard her WhatsApp BECAUSE she trusts me, having worked with her at Zodiak for years. So, yes! Trust is so important in this kind of venture!

PS All news alerts have the words "#AfricaBrief News Alert"!

PSS In case, you're not getting the news alerts, but you're interested, just say hi! via WhatsApp, and presto chango, you're added to the mailing list.

Here's the magic number: +265991500730

Otherwise, let's continue chatting as usual!


Winston Mwale,