Declare war on Covid -19, not with communities

"Let’s join hands together in implementing the Covid -19 gazetted measures"

District Commissioner for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, has advised the police in the district to declare a total war on Covid -19 pandemic and not with the communities as they will be enforcing the newly-gazetted coronavirus measures in the district.

Mdooko says the gazetted Covid -19 measures have come without sensitization awareness to the District Response Committee, hence the duty of each and every member to take a leading role in sensitizing the communities on the adherence of the measures.

He called on the Civil Protection Committee members to think Covid, work Covid, dream Covid and to implement Covid for the communities in the district to know that Covid -19 is real and is killing people.

Speaking during a District Civil Protection Committee on Covid -19 coordination, new work plan and Government gazette measures meeting held at the boma, Mdooko reminded the members that their roles are to implement government policy and regulations, appealing to them to mainstream Covid -19 activities in their work plans just the same as they did with Hiv/Aids.

Mdooko said he is aware that the resources are not enough to carter for the activities planned, saying the same little resources can be used to mainstream the youth to be taken on board for them not to be left behind in Covid -19 preventive measures.

“Let’s join hands together in implementing the Covid -19 gazetted measures, share the grey areas for the interventions to be a success in the district,”Mdooko said.

He said the district has just received MK 30 Million for Covid -19 response interventions, urging all involved in the planning of activities to exercise transparency and accountability by ensuring that every Kwacha is accounted for, not just be flowers on paper, but on the ground.

The DC then urged the members to sit down together for the district Covid -19 work plan, saying this is not a one man’s job but a team, expressing hope that the committee being vibrant already will deliver.