Convid-19 Hits Malawi Curio Traders

The CONVID-19 pandemic that is now a threat to human health worldwide has negatively affected the curio business in Malawi, locally known as 'Ziboliboli'.

The chairman of the curio vendors in Lilongwe Edward Sengwa Chisale says, “Even though the virus has not reached in our country, but our business depends on foreigners than our local market, but then tourists are not coming in our country to buy our products. We are suffering heavily."

The curios business has quietly faced challenges since 2019 due to political interferences and this year they are still struggling with the virus.

Chisale says that in the year 2019 their business was affected by the political demonstrations known as the “Anti-Jane Ansah Demo's”, saying they would close up businesses, and not open for a day due to tension the demonstrations bring.

Chisale, like some of his colleagues, has been in the business for over two decades.

“We are grateful to the government for recognizing our business and making an effort to build us shelters, though some part of the place is not fully furnished,” he says.

Convid-19 started in Wuhan, China, and is spreading fast across the borders, schools have closed and public places are locked down in countries like China and Italy.

In Malawi, the government has put 63 people who recently visited China under self-quarantine.