As Malawi Is Rising: Lessons from the Past

As we wait for the official results from the Malawi Electoral Commission, it is crystal clear that the Tonse Alliance-led by Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has utterly defeated the UDF-DPP coalition in the just-ended fresh presidential election, and Malawians are in Euphoria.

In this euphoria, Malawians are full of expectations: they are expecting a lot from their new leader but there is a popular saying which goes ‘Expectation is the root of all heartache,’ and Malawians have had their expectations crushed in the past.

In one of his scholarly literature, Webster Siame Kameme observed that at every stage of political change Malawians have sacrificed everything to fight for a better future but at every stage, the promises given by the political elite have always been diametrically opposed to the reality, indeed true to his sentiments there has been a huge dichotomy between promises and reality.

The UTMCP alliance has been given a chance to renew the faith of Malawians in their leaders and usher in a new way of running the government.

The UTMCP alliance should avoid repeating the same mistakes that have cost the DPP power which are greed, impunity, and corruption. There should be no more hero-worshipping of our leaders like the way we did with Kamuzu whom we called Ngwazi and the Lion of Malawi, Bakili whom we called Atcheya, Bingu whom we yet again called Ngwazi and APM whom we called Adadi.

These names give the leaders a certain sense of invincibility. Malawians do not want to witness again the impunity that was with the DPP supporters who moved around with cars without any registration save for a ‘ANA A DAD’ number plate and mocked and spat at any traffic officers who tried to question them.

There are some misguided fellows with paternity issues in the UTMCP alliance who want to repeat the same mistake by having a ANA A BUSA plate, the leaders should strongly stand against such foolishness.

In their expectations, Malawians want new faces in ministerial positions. Not the usual Chimunthu Banda, Kandodo, and Kaliati. Some new faces are needed to reenergize the country for it is these same people that have, it can be argued, swayed the judgment of our leaders in the past governments.

Malawians want development and a corrupt-free country. In a nutshell, Malawians, like a phoenix that has risen from its ashes, want new feathers so that they can soar higher or else the UTMCP stint in the government will be short since the mentality of Malawians has completely changed.