Aford Tsar Enock Chihana calls for calm as ACB summons him over oil deal

"Let's wait patiently. Justice will prevail." Aford statement

Here's a statement from Aford:


*Monday 9th August, 2021*

I write to communicate to all AFORD members that the Anti - Corruption Bureau (ACB) has called our party President Rt Hon Enock Chihana for questioning.

It is a normal task for ACB to call individuals for questioning as it falls within perimeters of their work. By being called for questioning it does not mean that one has violated a certain law.

*Questioning give ACB chance to collect information on whatever investigations the institution is involved in.*

It is for this reason that AFORD members are being notified that our President's conscious is clear and he is ready to face ACB for questioning later this afternoon.

You will all be furnished with feedback on the same as things progress and it is better for all of us to ignore all fake news aimed at tarnishing image of our party President.

*Let's wait patiently. Justice will prevail.*

David Brown Katete

*Personal Assistant to the AFORD President.*