Fresh Hope for Chikun IDPs as SKARF marks hallmark inaugurations

SKARF is being championed by the Humanitarian and Human Right Lawyer, Gloria Ballason of the House of Justice Kaduna; Bavoshia Nyan of Kunak Foundation and RADi.

Nigeria: The Southern Kaduna Resilience Fund (SKARF) has, yesterday, released doses of fresh hopes for the Chikun IDPs with the maiden inauguration of some donated empowerment centres.

Among the centres SKARF donated are Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Centres for the Kick-starting of vocational training.

Other items donated are customised books, customised school bags, school uniforms, sandals, chairs, all for the take off of learning activities for the children.

SKARF also employed teachers, in a hallmark development to meet the learning needs of the displaced children.

This is a novel initiative by SKARF concerning the IDP question and one of its kind for IDPs across board, all over Nigeria.

The IDPs, well dressed and in very hight spirit, sang joyfully to the admiration of guests and well wishers, courtesy SKARF and her partners.

The Southern Kaduna Resilience Fund, SKARF, is a child of necessity, birthed as a result of the unimaginable suffering of displaced persons in Southern Kaduna. These displaced persons were made so from the activities of herdsmen militia and kidnappers, displacing, kidnapping and killing the people with very little help from a seemingly helpless government.

SKARF is being championed by the Humanitarian and Human Right Lawyer, Gloria Ballason of the House of Justice Kaduna; Bavoshia Nyan of Kunak Foundation and RADi.

These three organisations have been involved in humanitarian efforts long before the establishment of SKARF. However, SKARF is redefining the urgency and necessity with which IDPs need all the needed care and attention.

The event was graced by the SOKAPU National President Hon Jonathan Asake, his PRO Luka Binniyat and other SOKAPU officials. Volunteers, donor groups, members of the press and guests from different walks of life were also present at the colourful maiden edition of such intervention by SKARF.

The CEO House of Justice and prime mover of SKARF, Gloria Ballason, in her opening remarks, revealed the commitment by House of Justice to raise the sum of N100,000,000 ($250,000) for community psycho-social support, the rebuilding of homes, livelihood and education for IDPs in Southern Kaduna.

She observed, however, that the sad attack on Kizachi Dawa community in Kauru Local government Area of Kaduna state on the 18th of March 2021 with 12 people killed and dozens of houses burnt by terrorists herdsmen.

She went on to encourage attendees at the event to take the hope that they share in the grieving, the hurting of the displaced persons and HOPE, according to her, changes everything.

Former HEKAN President, Reverend Emmanuel Dziggau, who was himself a victim of Fulani terrorism, urged the IDPS, during his sermon, to be hopeful and optimistic of going back to their original communities soon.

Speaking on the topic 'The Stump will Bud Again', from the book of Job 14:7-9, the retired Reverend said it was unfortunate that the government of the day had failed woefully in protecting the lives of the citizens.

He admonished the attendees to speak up against the injustice and terrorism going on in the country.

The event reached its climax with the presentation of songs, a minor competition organized for various groups in the camp.

The IDPs sang songs to the admiration of guests at the event.


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Steven Kefas is a Nigerian born Citizen journalist, a human rights Defender and a former political prisoner for 162 days
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