This year the Crocodile, as he is affectionately known, woke up to a surprise treat from First Lady Amayi Auxillia Mnangagwa in form of love songs and birthday wishes.

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has clocked 79. It is an established tradition that his birthday usually takes a low profile as he deliberately dedicates the day to serving the people of Zimbabwe than being the centre of attraction .

However, this year the Crocodile, as he is affectionately known, woke up to a surprise treat from First Lady Amayi Auxillia Mnangagwa in form of love songs and birthday wishes.

The surprise did not end there as the President was also welcomed by birthday songs from State House staff mainly his security detail when he was about to embark into his official Zim 1.

At office in Munhumutapa Building, the President was also welcomed to more surprises from his aides and senior government officials led by Chief Secretary Dr. Misheck Sibanda.

Throughout the day, President Mnangagwa hosted scores of dignitaries and friends who came to convey best wishes to the beloved Head of State.

Before wrapping up the day, President Mnangagwa hosted British High Commissioner Ms Melanie Robinson where issues of mutual interest were discussed between the two.

The UK envoy also personally wished President Mnangagwa a happy birthday in the meeting.

Upon his arrival at State House from office, the President was greeted to more surprises from the First Lady Amai Mnangagwa who together with family members organised a party for her beloved husband.

The attendees to the surprise party were led by Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga among others.

In her remarks, Amai Mnangagwa wished birthday wishes to "the man I fell in love with many years ago."

In her speech laden with mirthful moments, the First Lady paid tribute to her husband who has stood by her from the day she took vows.

The First Lady bemoaned the scourge of COVID-19 pandemic, she also implored the youths to keep away from drugs whose ruinous impact is beginning to register nationally.

She therefore urged the Church to play a part in correct upbringing of the young.

She further revealed that the President favours traditional dishes, including wheat sadza with traditional relish dishes.

She wished the President resounding victory in the 2023 Harmonised General Elections.

Amai Mnangagwa then presented a bouquet of flowers to her beloved husband in typical African style.

Writing on his official facebook page, President Mnangagwa thanked all Zimbabweans for the "generous well wishes on my birthday."

"I am constantly reminded of the kindness and generosity of the Zimbabwean people. It is just another reason why our country’s future is so bright!" Wrote President ED.

The President took over from long time ruler Robert Gabriel Mugabe in 2017 and secured his first full term as President in 2018 polls.

Zimbabwe will hold next elections in 2023 which bookmakers are predicting a landslide victory for the strong man.

This is due to the turnaround strategy President Mnangagwa has employed in bid to bring Zimbabwe back into the rail to prosperity.

Within three years Zimbabweans have seen tremendous changes compared to where the country was before ED came to power.

The President has vowed to rebuild Zimbabwe brick by brick and stone by stone in all sectors of the economy.

Happy Birthday Mr. President!


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